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Thread: Seasoned RA-1 set of 4 tires 235/40ZR17

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    Default Seasoned RA-1 set of 4 tires 235/40ZR17


    Manufactured in 2012. Used on a 1998 M3 race car.
    Used to drive to and from the track for 6 years and also used as intermediate rain tires.
    They are down to the wet marker so can only be used in the dry.
    One shoulder is well worn because of running in the front with 3.5 degree camber.

    You can't run those in the bgineer's group and they will not last more than 10 track days in the advanced group.
    So this is for an intermediate t=driver that wants to try R-comps before getting a new set.
    My previous set was run to the cord with something like 50 heat cycle.

    Great tire. Cheap set to try. They will not last another 50 heat cycles.

    Still can't load images for some reason so please the pictures here :
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