Trillium Chapter Termination

During a recent members meeting, the BMW Clubs Canada board of directors (representing all official BMW Clubs in Canada) voted to terminate the membership of one of our member clubs – the Trillium chapter. It was not an easy decision but will ultimately result in a stronger national organization of enthusiasts.
Effective Feb 8, 2019, Trillium is no longer a member of BMW Clubs Canada and thus no longer part of the worldwide community of official BMW Clubs.

Why did this happen?

The Trillium club has been in dispute with BMW Clubs Canada for many years over a range of topics. Many steps were taken to resolve the differences but were ultimately unsuccessful.

  • In 2017, an Arbitration process was agreed to by both parties and was completed. Trillium chose to dispute the results and ignore the recommendations.
  • Arbitration results document
  • In 2018 at the Clubs Canada Annual General Meeting, because of continued repeated non-compliance with Clubs Canada bylaws, a motion was passed to put Trillium on suspension. Non-compliance continued unchanged.
  • Letter informing Trillium of suspension
  • Response from Trillium
  • Final response from Clubs Canada
  • No response was received by Trillium and the non compliance continued unchanged.
  • In 2019, Trillium’s actions put the New Vehicle Discount Program at severe risk of being discontinued (due to continued aggressive demands directly to BMW Group Canada by Trillium executive).
  • Trillium’s event insurance practices have been identified as a severe risk to all directors and officers across Canada. Not only has Trillium refused to use the Club insurance policy, they do not list BMW Clubs Canada as ‘also insured’ in the event insurance they are using.
  • Example insurance certificate from Trillium event
  • Trillium has now started to arbitrarily block and expel BMW Club members from other chapters at events. A long-time Club Racer and Competition Steward had his participation in the planned 2019 Trillium-sponsored Club Race revoked with no explanation.

As BMW Clubs Canada operates as a corporation, with a board of directors representing all clubs across Canada, these latest actions were deemed unacceptable. At a meeting of members, after much discussion, a motion was tabled to terminate the membership of the Trillium chapter. It passed unanimously.
What next?

For BMW Clubs Canada, the official umbrella for BMW Clubs in Canada, our bylaws and structure are simple and straightforward. As with all regions in Canada that do not have an official club presence we encourage and are happy to guide the creation and development of new BMW Clubs (automobile or motorcycle).
For members of Trillium that wish to continue to be part of one of the largest single marque clubs in the world, they are encouraged to join one of the other existing clubs in Canada or to form a new club to represent the greater Toronto area.
Please contact the National Executive via email