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Thread: How does the 2012-2013 x1 compare to my old 2009 touring wagon ?

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    Question How does the 2012-2013 x1 compare to my old 2009 touring wagon ?

    Hi guys,

    I had a 2009 328xi touring wagon in the past.
    It was a lease transfer and I returned it in 2013.

    Since then, I drove a VW Jetta TDI wagon.
    The lease is finishing really soon and because of the "Dieselgate", I'm asking myself, why not return to BMW.

    I'm looking for a used x1 (maybe 2012 or 2013), Ideally low mileage.

    For those who know well the 2 cars, could you guys please compare them for me ?

    1. cargo space
    2. performance, fuel consumption
    3. handling
    4. reliability
    5. etc.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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    I have driven an X1 in the past. I found it very cramped inside, much smaller than a 3 series, especially in leg room. You ought to take a test drive first, before making a decision.

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    My girlfriend has 2015 2.8i and I was warned to stay away from the earlier 6sp slushboxes (the 2015 was the first year with the then new 8sp).
    Not a bad car but a tad small.
    Handles fine, decent power, not too thirsty and with the Eco mode setting (no boost) actually very economical.
    No issues for us (brand new lease), going on 32k KM.
    Looking to trade up to the X3 next year for a bit more room.

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