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Thread: Looking to buy a compression and leak down test tool - opinions ?

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    Default Looking to buy a compression and leak down test tool - opinions ?

    Its kind of quite around here lately... And since tire choice questions have been beaten to death, here is another subject that does not have a right or wrong answer

    I want to start keeping track of the internal health of the race car engine. I now I'm 3 years late but hey. Better late than never. I know these tests have limitations and I understand them. So I'm buying tools no matter what you say ! I also don't want to spend $500 but I want a decent tool that will give descently repeatable results.

    So here are a couple of possible compression testers (Craftsman, Innova, OTC, Actron):

    And a couple of leak down testers (Longacre, OTC):

    Any insight in these tools would help me weed out the list and proceed with something decent.
    All comments are welcomed as usual.


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    I bough mine at Canadian Tire a few years ago. Around $50 with a bunch of adapters. I have used it on quite a few different engines (cars and bikes). Results are repeatable. I have not compared the results with another tester but the numbers did make sense. - Canada's online source for BMW Performance

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    I like OTC tools generally because they provide a very decent price / quality ratio.
    In the end, what will matter most to you is consistency of measurement.
    The absolute values registered will become academic after a while.
    The blow folded cases will hap protect the tool and therefore help in maintaining consistency.

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