I am having a transmission swap done by Norbert at RMI. The donor touring will lose a transmission, driveline and differential and retain a 1992 M50 engine (no VANOS) with 260k km in good running condition. The car will go to the scrapyard in a week or so, but if someone wants it and has a place to put it, it is yours for free in exchange for giving me access to some small parts that I may need in the near term. Dark green. The body is rusted, with some good panels. Windshield is cracked, but glass and lenses are good. Interior is very good black leather, no rips, tears or open seams. Unfortunately, since Hurricane Irene I have never been able to get the rear doors open, and I did not want to rip the door panels out to get at the lock. Residual water damage has shut down the rest of the electronics to the point where the car is no longer legally drivable.
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