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  1. I'm selling the parts individually. Let me know...

    I'm selling the parts individually.
    Let me know what you need.
    Other small parts not listed are also available.
  2. I found ou and it is very small on used parts....

    I found ou and it is very small on used parts.
    Most are duty free and some are 2.5%
  3. Duties imposed by US Customs on used car parts sold to a US resident


    I'm looking for the duties applicable on used car parts being imported to the USA.
    An order of magnitude will be enough.
    At this pont I'm getting quotes ranging from no duties at all to 25%....
  4. Dual pick-up S54 oil pump and pan / Upgrade to the S52 and M50 and M52

    $780 CAN ($600 US)

    S54 dual pick-up upgrade for an S52 or other M50 family engine (From a 150,000 km car).
    Ideal to avoid lifter tick noise on track and maintain proper pressure in the engine...
  5. Interior parts from a black sedan E36 M3 1997. Will fit other e36 models

    Everything but the radio and the dash is for sale.

    Comes from a California car that was pampered for the last 20 years. I'm turning it into a race car so the interior is for sale.
    Local pick-up...
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    Used car immobilizer

    I know nothing about these things besides what I found out when I removed it from a used car I purchased. It was working when removed.

    It goes to the ignition green wire in a 'T' and is...
  7. E46 - M3 Replica mirrors / Selling for parts / Read the description carefully

    Local pick-up only on the Plateau
    Those were installed on an E46 330i sedan that I purchased used.
    They are fixed (Do not fold) and adjust electrically through a switch in the arm rest of the...
  8. E36 - ZKW driver side lense / New / Damaged


    This is the glass lense assembly from the ZKW euro style driver side headlight.
    Comes with an extra set of internal glass lenses.
    It may fit other magnufacturers but I cannot tell which...
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    E36 - Cruise control switch / 61318360926

    This is the switch on the right side of the steering column.
    Comes complete with the wiring and plug.
  10. E46 - Dipstick tube (Guide tube) - 11437531258 / Old style

    This is the original design. Not the cold climate version.
    This can be used on a car that is stored during the winter or a race car.
    Do not purchase this part if you drive your E46 in the...
  11. E46 sedan front licence plate holder - 51117030593

    $20 picked up on the Plateau.
    Would rather not ship.
  12. WTB rear E36 door / Cherche porte arrière de E36 sedan

    I'm looking for an E36 rear door (Sedan) to test how I can remove weight and keep the window up and water tight.

    The door can be rusted since I will hack it up... The window regulator does not...
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    I finally removed the CDV valve in the race car....

    I finally removed the CDV valve in the race car.
    It makes quite a bit of difference on upshifts.
    I think I was compensating before and letting the clutch go early.
    Now when I do that my head...
  14. Looking for my old race car build thread info that was started in 2011


    4 years ago I started a build thread for my streetable E36 race car on this Forum.
    It is now in thread heaven following the server crash.

    I'm hoping to post the information back up...
  15. I decided not to balance the assembly as the...

    I decided not to balance the assembly as the pressure plate was balanced by Clutch Master.
    Everything is installed and there are no vibrations.
    The engagement is quite stiffer than OEM but...
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    Ouch ! That will show ne not to have a backup...

    Ouch !
    That will show ne not to have a backup...
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    Am I the only one that cannot see threads older...

    Am I the only one that cannot see threads older than 2 years old ?
    There is a lot of old stuff I would like to have access to... Like Emre's and my build threads !
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    JBRacing single mass E36 steel flywheel - New in the box

    $850 CND
    15 lbs JBRacing single mass E36 steel flywheel for sale:

    Will also work with E46 5-speed

    March 2017 edit...
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    Threads missing ?

    I'm in the process of updating my race car build thread except I can't find it anymore...
    I only have 2 pages of threads available in each section and I can't find it using advanced search either. ...
  20. Thank you for the reference. I will call them...

    Thank you for the reference.
    I will call them next week.
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    From your comment you obviously feel it is...

    From your comment you obviously feel it is slowing me down more than I thought...
    Do you share my feeling that it does save my ass when I srew up a downshift ?
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    Racing clutch setup for reliability

    I'm undecided about what setup to use when replacing the clutch on the race car. This project is for this summer.
    In Sport class I have to retain the OEM design. I cannot use a single mass flywheel...
  23. Flywheel / Pressure Plate balancing shop in Montreal ?

    I'm replacing the clutch and flywheel in the race car.

    First question : Is it even possible to balance a dual mass flywheel ?
    Second : If its possible is there a reputable shop in Montreal that...
  24. Looking to buy a compression and leak down test tool - opinions ?

    Its kind of quite around here lately... And since tire choice questions have been beaten to death, here is another subject that does not have a right or wrong answer :D

    I want to start keeping...
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    WTB Complete S52B32 engine

    I'm looking to build an engine to replace the tired engine in my race car.
    The engine will be stripped to the last bolt and rebuilt to new tolerances so the engine I'm buying does not have to run. ...
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